The topic of disinfection – both in the context of personal hygiene and surfaces, e.g. in public transport – has become particularly close to us since we are struggling with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. However, as we all know, disinfection is not only used to fight the coronavirus, but is an important and routine element of work in places such as hospitals or various types of production plants.

The production of biocides is not limited to the combination of ingredients having the desired effect. It should be ensured that these preparations are effective and actually provide antimicrobial protection in places where it is necessary for safe work (e.g. surgical block operations, sterile production of drugs). We are able to perform this type of analysis on request in our microbiological laboratory.

The test in which the effectiveness of disinfectants is assessed is carried out using the so-called reference strains. These are strictly defined strains of microorganisms, specified with an individual number, from the reference strain collection (e.g. ATCC – American Type Culture Collection, NCTC – National Collection of Type Cultures, PCM – Polish Microbial Collection) so that they can be used, among others . for research purposes. These microorganisms are stored in different forms depending on the type of strain being stored.

It is possible to check the effectiveness of disinfectants by using the reference strains and appropriate methods. If you are interested in commissioning us to perform such an analysis, please send an e-mail to the following address:, or

AUTHOR: mgr inż. Katarzyna Trębicka